Stefanova Law Office was established as a law firm in 2009 by attorney Raia Stefanova and is operating under the Bulgarian Bar Act. We offer legal advice for individuals as well as business clients. The services the law firm offers to its clients are legal advice on disputes involving different types of contracts, property, inheritance, family law, labour law, tax law, commercial law, contract law, as well as litigation, debt collection cases and lawyers representation before all Bulgarian courts and authorities.


Legal services for individuals 

Property Law

  • Investigation for the ownership rights of a real estate
  • Protection of the client’s interests before the court in resolving disputes related to violation of the ownership rights and with restitution and repossession claims
  • Drafting preliminary and final contracts for real estate deals
  • Lawyers representation in front of a Notary public

Inheritance, Family and Divorce Law

  • Drafting marriage agreements
  • Representation in divorce cases and divorce settlements
  • Drafting a will and will execution
  • Inheritance disputes resolution

Residenc permits 

  • Residency permits for foreign shareholders and managers of commercial companies and commercial representation offices in Bulgaria
  • Long-term and permanent stay residency permits in Bulgaria for EUcitizens
  • Assistance for obtaining a business visa and Bulgarian citizenship by investment

Commercial and Civil Litigation

  • Civil litigation, monetary damages and compensation claims
  • Claims against contractors, warrantors, developers in Bulgaria
  • Commercial litigation and litigation related to real estate transactions
  • Court injunctions and other special remedies
  • Personal injury, accidents, medical negligence, insurance claims
  • Civil lawsuits against offenders in criminal justice trials
  • Alternative dispute resolution

Debt Collection 

  • Obtaining a European order of payment. Enforcing a European order of payment
  • Statement of opposition against European order of payment
  • Legal representation of creditors in debt collection cases
  • Investigation of debtors assets from different sources
  • Protection and saving of businesses and property assets
  • Repossession threats and debt collection harassment

Legal services for business clients 

If you have decided to move your business to Bulgaria please share what your doubts and expectations are. We will share our experience with the difficulties you can meet in the process and the ways to avoid them.

Company and Corporate Law  

  • Establishment and registration of all types of company organisations, cooperatives, associations, foundations and non-profit legal entities and registration with Bulgarian Commercial Register.
  • Advice on the choice of company  for your business -limited liability company, joint stock company, branch of a foreign trader, trade representation office,public undertaking, European Economic Interest Groupings, holdings and consortium
  • Representation at General assembly of shareholders and Bord of Directors of a company
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • Succession and liquidation of Bulgarian companies
  • Legal assistance and representation in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Legal service contract