Property Law

  • Investigation for the ownership rights of a real estate
  • Protection of the client’s interests before the court in resolving disputes related to violation of the ownership rights and with restitution and repossession claims
  • Drafting preliminary and final contracts for real estate deals
  • Lawyers representation in front of a Notary public

Inheritance, Family and Divorce Law

  • Drafting marriage agreements
  • Representation in divorce cases and divorce settlements
  • Drafting a will and will execution
  • Inheritance disputes resolution

Commercial and Civil Litigation

  • Civil litigation, monetary damages and compensation claims
  • Claims against contractors, warrantors, developers in Bulgaria
  • Commercial litigation and litigation related to real estate transactions
  • Court injunctions and other special remedies
  • Personal injury, accidents, medical negligence, insurance claims
  • Civil lawsuits against offenders in criminal justice trials
  • Alternative dispute resolution

Debt Collection 

  • Obtaining a European order of payment. Enforcing a European order of payment
  • Statement of opposition against European order of payment
  • Legal representation of creditors in debt collection cases
  • Investigation of debtors assets from different sources
  • Protection and saving of businesses and property assets
  • Repossession threats and debt collection harassment

 Company and Corporate Law  

  • Establishment and registration of all types of company organisations, cooperatives, associations, foundations and non-profit legal entities and registration with Bulgarian Commercial Register.
  • Advice on the choice of company  for your business -limited liability company, joint stock company, branch of a foreign trader, trade representation office,public undertaking, European Economic Interest Groupings, holdings and consortium
  • Representation at General assembly of shareholders and Bord of Directors of a company
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • Succession and liquidation of Bulgarian companies
  • Legal assistance and representation in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Legal service contract

Commercial Law

  • Legal representation before public authorities
  • Assistance on registration and obtaining license certificates -gambling, investment companies, hospitals, medical practices, categorization of food, beverage and accommodation facilities
  • Corporate income and dividends tax and other taxes and fees
  • Due diligence
  • Business for sale or rent in Bulgaria – legal support in drafting documents, investigation and negotiation in business transaction process
  • Commercial litigation and court claims

Insurance Law

  • Advice regarding property insurance, third party liability insurance claims /Green Card policies/, health and transport insurance.
  • Insurance claim settlements

Employment law

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