Legal advice on Bulgarian law. Services we provide on line:

 Ask any legal question

Which is the applicable law?

What to beware of and which are the immediate steps to take?

Which is the most rapid and cost-effective legal solution?

How to apply for a certain document, permit, certificate, etc.?

Second opinion, if you have already contacted a lawyer.


Making a complaint against public authority or  municipality

We will prepare a detailed draft both in English end Bulgarian

Information where to file the document

Information for all evidence or documents needed

Which institution is competent to solve your problem?

How to submit the necessary documents?


Drafting or legal review of documents

Drafting a contract rental, loan, services, management, maintenance, etc.)

Drafting an agreement for out of court dispute resolution

Preparation of other documents in the legally required form and according to your specific requirements.

Legal review of a document or a contract.

Advice on avoiding  possible negative consequences of the contract.